Do you want to time a carno? Well if you do then read this!

Carnos are great early-mid game tames! They can even be used in endgame.

Utility Roles!

Carnos are great meat gatherers. Like an early game giga.

They are pretty solid mounts too! They protect, they defend, but most importantly.. they attack. They looks super cool.


Now let’s get to taming!

In order to tame this dino. Your going to need lots of meat, they prefer prime meat though. Also make sure to get around 10-20 tranqs depending on the level. I small level carno gets knocked out fast. So you may need even less! At least bring one narcotic. In my experience I didn’t need one. But I tamed a low level.

Now you need to find one. I’ve seen one spawn at south province one, but it was lucky. I tamed mine in between the red woods and the swamp. I fought two but I only got to tame 1.

Once you find a carno you going to either want to do one of the following:

You can use large bear traps I think. But bringing a couple doesn’t hurt.

If you want to be cheap or then just get on a big rock or a ledge and fire away! When it runs chase that thing down like usain bolt.

Oh, so you want to be fancy? You can create some elaborate trap by using door ways and ramps and platforms.. but I’m not that type of dude.

Now just tranq that boy down and you got yourself a carno!

My name is Etheral and my last β€œhow to tame” was the dilo!

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