IM SO SHOCKED RIGGht Now this is my story: so one day I was playing ark like I always do I was riding my parasail and that’s when I was on a rock watching all the Dino’s fight that’s when a raptor knocked me off my para and I died so I went back to the spot and the raptor was gone so I took my whole entire Dino’s my Dino’s: Iguanas Dodos carbos Ptera something and dilos so I was made and took all of my Dino’s except the dodos bc I was making a dodo army and my dodos were a little weak and so when I arrived my para was getting heated by a carno so I set the target the carno and NONE of my Dino’s died except my beaten para I was pretty sad bc that was the para that was with me even after my two first paras died but I was shocked bc of how strong my Dino’s were they once killed a raptor when my Dino’s were a group of 6 they also once killed a patchy and carbo :) Byw if you wanna kill a carno Atleast have five dilos at lv 26 or 24 and make sure to only add their level ups to damage if you have a dilo that’s only at 100 health pls make sure to level their health to 300 or 200 it’s recommended tho You can like this comment if you want I just shared this encounter because it’s pretty insane if you ask me ;)

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