Looking to tame this walking nugget? I may have a few tips how to help you get one! :D but first, everything I recommend is entirely up to you to decide, as in whatever way you find suitable to your liking! Now letโ€™s begin shall we? Alright for starters the Carno is usually the step to getting bigger carnivores, this creature is usually the biggest threat for a beginning player! Now being relatively easy to tame, all you need to keep this guy still is a simple bola, I would recommend bringing 1/5 depending on the way you knock it out! Thereโ€™s two ways of knocking it out, range being more effective in knocking a Carno out, melee is risky! I recommend bringing a bow, and about 30/40 tranq arrows! Or if your going melee a few clubs should work fine as well! Next on the list will be the narcotics to tame this nugget!; it will be a estimation of 5 per level, this is a estimated guess, but I recommend bringing about 100 for a average level carno, I would consider bringing more to be safe! Also be sure to pack fresh meat; I would recommend prime! As itโ€™s the most at hand meat, for higher levels I would recommend kibble! Now letโ€™s get started with where to find these predators; Being a beginners threat, they will spawn almost everywhere on the map! However they are more commonly found near yutyrannus, or the dense forests! So I would consider beginning the search for one there! Finnaly itโ€™s time to knock one out!; How to go about this is relatively simple, they will go down simply with bolas, throw one at it and proceed with melee or ranged inflicted torpor! Now that itโ€™s knocked out feed it prime, mutton, or kibble (feeding it narcs will also be mandatory) and eventually, you have tamed a walking nugget, a great begginers and average player tame! Renowned for maneuverability and relatively quick speed! The carnos special attack will inflict damage and a decent frontal knock back, also being a smaller carnivore makes a amazing cave mount when used properly! Happy taming, and take care! :D

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