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Are u tired of getting killed by carno cuz you cant outrun them?

Today i have some few reccomendation to tell

First of lets prepared,the food ur gonna need to most effevtice to least effective: ankylo-kibble/mobile

Raw mutton

Raw prime meat

Raw prime fish meat

Cooked prime meat

Cooked prime fish meat

I only reccomend using the kibble or the raw prime meat it wouldnt have to cooked prime meat just incase. Carno can be found on redwoods open places and beaches they are fast and tanks

To tame the carno ur gonna need a high place so the carno cant get u. U can also built 7 pillars tall then get on top of it and shot it with tranq darts/trang ammo until its knocked. U can also built 2 by 2 wooden box along with 4 wooden door frame with 2 rails, lure the carno to the box and knock it out as pleasure, once its knocked out put ur food of choice on its inventory and maintain its unconcoiusness using bio toxin or narcotis so it dosent wake up until its tamed

Now for bonus info...carno saddle can be learn at level 46 and they are fantastic raw prime meat harvester carno has a high damage and good health the bleeding effect sadly dosent work on mobiles. I guess thats all i can tell and have ur self a very good day

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