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How To Tame A Carnotaurus

1. Gather all the things you'll need. I like to bring with me 20 tranq darts, a simple long neck rifle will do just fine and bring about 30 narcotics, better safe than sorry.

2. If you have a flyer, fly over to carno Island which is located in the upper right of the map, once you get there you'll find lots of carnos, then it's just a matter of what level of Dino you want. I typically only tame max levels and I do that by flying around on my taperjara (but an argy would work also) and killing all the low levels until I find a max.

3. When you find your carno you want to tame you can either build a trap or try to knock it out without a trap. Typically I've done just fine without traps. I play on easy mode in Ark mobile so the max level is 30. Start shooting the carno with tranq darts, it will attack you at first so it's best to be on top of a rock that they can't climb. The tricky part is when they start torpor running, since there's water all around they could drown if they get knocked out in the ocean. When it is knocked out let it's food drain down by quite a bit and feed it the narcotics to keep it asleep. On mobile their favorite kible is the ankylo kible.

4. Have fun with your Dino!

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