Tori the carno chapter uhh 8 I think

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Tori the carno chapter uhh 8 I think

told you I'd take forever I'm just really lazy lol

Tori was freaked out loudly saying "WHAT!?!" Sony replied win a few stutters "I-it's ok t-though! The beach isnt far! I think..." Tori said shocked "the beach is miles away!" The others were quiet other than a few whimpers leaving Sony in charge of making sure tori doesnt have a panic attack. Sony says back in no hope "m-maybe ShockEye can help..?" Tori said back confused but still loud "who even is ShockEye?!" Sony said "well it's a quetzal.." Tori said slightly rudely "great a very helpful quetzal" Sony said "please give him a chance!" Tori sighed "Fine I'll give it a shot."

wait another 4 months for part 9 lol

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