Remembering to make chapters is like remembering what…

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Remembering to make chapters is like remembering what first solid food you ate when you were a baby with no help. Btw this is gonna be a special thing where I make it long!

Shadow Hawk the agrentavis chapter 4: I flew with it and there was another human. I grabbed her as she screamed for the other one. Of course that other human did nothing knowing I wouldn't harm her. I made her drop the weapons. I put her down so she could ride the tapajara. And she did! I tried to get into its neck. Which I successfully did. And I saw a purplish pinkish orb in its chest. I used my talons to destroy it. When I did I rushed out knowing it would collapse. I got out and told the human it would die shortly. Which it did. And the human waved at me to follow him. Which I did of course. And he went to a secret tunnel. He used a blue ball to put a tapajara in. weird how that works... and pulled out a friendly managamr? he rid it as the female human did the same exact thing. I flew with them as they cleared the cave. They went to the broke down obilisk. A yellow force field came out of nowhere and took us to a snowy place. A atleast 40 foot monster appeared. I felt like flying away for good but again.. I couldn't. This time it didn't allow me even after a while! The monster launched at us with a strong leap! I got out of the way of course. It growled furiously. Good thing I was fast on my legs! After hours it died.

Next chapter coming in 60 years xD

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