Very easy to find a high level one on "the island map". Go to the island in the upper right corner of the map, its known as carno island, but I call it carnivor island cause theres more than carnos there. You can find Raptors, alpha raptors, scorpions, carnos, arges, sabers, and rexes. I suggest looking towards the shore, it isn't as dangerous, and its easier to spot enemies if you already knocked something out. There is an abundance of carnos so finding a good level one is good. And be careful when knocking one out that it doesnt get knocked out in water, they will drown, I lost a level 120 and 150 like that, dont be me! Large bear traps will work on carnos, but depending on how high the level, the more you will need, I suggest 2-3. Knockout with either darts or the tranq arrows. And prime meat is easiest, just let it starve out long enough, you can use kibble but I prefer prime meat.

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