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Utility Roles for Carbonemys:

1. Tank. A very bulky dino for early game, due to their easy taming method they are worth taming just for their bulk alone. They take reduced damage everywhere but their head. Unfortunately, are outclassed by the Trike later on. (level Health)

2. Early game water mount. Their saddle is relatively inexpensive to craft, and they are significantly faster in water. Plus, no Oxygen stat means you can have access to local waterways around your base. Just don't try traversing the ocean...(level Health, Stamina, and Movement Speed)

3. Scout (if you want). They are slow, even while sprinting, but their bulk is good for any scouting missions you want to do in the early game. (level Stamina and Movement Speed)

4. Kibble Maker. Their eggs are classed as Medium, and they lay at a decent rate. Great for Regular Kibble!

My name is ShinyChimchar01 and if you like this tip, I've done similar tips on the Trike, Raptor, and Parasaur and my next tip is on the Lystrosaurus!

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