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On ark the first thing I tamed was a level 1 Carbonemys. It was my favorite giant prehistorical turtle in the world, and it was my favorite thing in the entire game. Her name was Betty. I raised her all the way to level 18, and she was a good girl. May have been slow on land, may have been slow in the water, but when things got tight, her 879 health made up for everything. She was a walking tank. I once saw he kill an entire horde of piranha without getting to half health. But then, while riding my giant crocodile, I came across a pack of troodons. The surrounded me. Their leader, level 29, was no match for me. I tried to turn and run, but they surrounded chef the croc, and they attacked him from all sides. I wish his death was painless, but it wasn't. Then Betty sprang into action. Oh god, I wanted her to run away, but she was always so protective of me. She killed two of them, but the other five just started getting at her. Goddamn, I wish she would have just left..

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