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Immeasurable usefulness... It's criminal how easy to tame these are, they have high EVERYTHING except movement speed and okay damage.... They are sooo versatile..

1. Walking Talking armoured safe.

2. Damage soaking tank with decent return damage

3. Easy tanky amphibious saddle...

4. Frontline of attack and defense

They are just awesome and taming then is an easy ordeal... Unless you are taming a high level it's no task, just walk backwards while slingshotting... I never use trans they are wasted on them unless they are high level and you don't have all day. If they get too close just flank them and continue after gaining distance. Feeding them takes forever and high levels need narcotics however they spawn near beaches where you can collect lots of biotoxin so that's convenient... If you don't have about 100 mejoberries lying around get ready for some serious foraging but if you already have the berries it's just the waiting game...

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