Too much Op tips. You can use others maps dinos too, Put a trio of deinos (grupo effects + with 5 bleed effects you Will Deal 1.5% dmg/Second + the deino dmg), don't fill your grupo of dinos with megas (too much and some Will not get the buff for killing spiders), rexes atΓ© good, but others dinos with good HP and melee can be usefull (shadows for an example), a yuti to buff (HP, sta are priority) and daeos are optional, since they are hard to keep healing (they eat too much for that healing effects). And you don't really need to use ALL those tips, the besta thing i can say os: leard the Whistle commands, grupo your dinos right and teste yourself in solo before with fake dinos to feel the pressure First.

It's not that hard If u don't Go with things planned.

Good Lucky!

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