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How to beat the Broodmother!

Caves, Artifacts, and Tributes

Tributes and artifacts you need:

Gamma Difficulty (Easiest):

Artifact of the Massive

Artifact of the Hunter

Artifact of the Clever

Beta difficulty (medium):

Same artifacts as gamma

5x Argentavis Talon (Argentavis)

5x Sarco Skin (Sarco)

5x Saurpod Vertabra (Brontos and Diplos)

5x Titanoboa Venom (Titanoboa)

Alpha difficulty (hardest):

Same artifacts as gamma and beta

10x Argentavis Talon (Argentavis)

10x Sarco Skin (Sarco)

10x Saurpod Vertabra (Brontos and Diplos)

10x Titanoboa Venom (Titanoboa)

Artifact of the Massive

Coordinates: 70.9, 86.3

Recommend mount: Thylacoleo

Notes: In this cave you want to take every right turn until you meet the artifact at the end of the cave. This cave has titanoboas, scorpions, araneo, and the occasional arthro. Also, has anyone else somehow had dilos spawn in this cave too? You may need to break some crystals to get a Thylacoleo through some places in the cave.

Artifact of the Hunter

Coordinates: 80.0 53.5

Recommended mount: Thylacoleo, direwolf

Notes: While in this cave you need to take every left turn until you reach the artifact. This cave has titanoboas, scorpions, araneos, and sometimes arthros

Artifact of the Clever

Coordinates: 41.6, 46.5

Recommended mount: Thylacoleo, direwolf

Notes: Take every left turn you can make to get to the artifact. This cave has titanoboas, scorpions, araneos, and a pretty good amount of arthros.

The Boss Fight

Recommended Setup

Attack creatures: Megatheriums or rexes

Notes: When a megatherium kills an insect/arachnid, which is the Broodmother’s minions, they get a giant buff that increases their attack damage by a LOT.

Support creatures: 1-2 yutyrannus and 1-2 daeodons

Notes: Yutyrannus courage roar can increases attack damage by a good amount, so combined with megatherium insect buff, you can melt through the boss. Daeodons heal all Dino’s on your team mid fight. You can only bring 20 Dino’s to the fight though, so I would recommend 2 daeodons, 1 yuty, and 17 megatheriums.

(This is not needed but I’d recommend it) Put your attack creatures on a different ordering group than support creatures so that the support creatures don’t attack and possibly get killed by the boss.

Before starting the boss fight put all dinosaurs to passive so you can mount your Yuty, and this will be your mount for the boss fight.

Whistle your Dino’s on attack your target and whistle to attack the Broodmother. You and your daeodons should stay back from the boss as much as possible. The attack Dino’s will do the work.

Courage roar the megatheriums with your yuty to buff them throughout the entire fight.

(Also not needed but recommended) Bring a shotgun or assault rifle to do extra damage to the boss.

You’ve now defeated the Broodmother!


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