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For this fight, you will need to bring 19 high level megatheriums and one high level yutyrannus. You will also need good saddles and the BEST armour you can get from this fight. The entrance to the fight is the Green Obelisk Terminal, which is located at the co-ordinates, 589723. The megatheriums get an insane strength buff from killing insects. If you bring a yutyrannus to encourage them, their attack and defence will increase by 20% which is vital for fighting this boss.

The Artifact Of The Clever: 416466

Follow the path and turn left every time until you reach a water chamber, where the artifact is.

The Artifact Of The Hunter: 800535

Literally go to the left every time, jump off a little ledge and bam. You've found the artifact. (Simple as lol 😆)

The Artifact Of The Massive: 707862

There are a lot of dangerous jumps you have to make in this cave, so you are going to stick to the right, every single time, until it leads you to the artifact at the end of this cave.

You will also need 4 Tribute items:

1 Argentavis Talon

1 Sarcosuchus Skin

1 Sauropod Vertebrae

1 Titanoboa Venom

Set all dinos to passive, before entering the arena, and once you have entered the arena, immediately ride your yuty and set your dinos to attack your target. (Remember to use the courage roar from your yutyrannus, in order to buff your megatheriums!)

Once you have defeated a boss, you will unlock tekgrams for tek construction and you will unlock 25% of the tek armour.

And also, remember to store your alpha/beta trophy safely, because you will need that later, for the overseer boss.

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