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In order to defeat the Broodmother u have to take in mind evey aspect of the fight, so I recommend always going for gamma first, just so you know what to expect, never underestimatw the Broodmother, its one of the bosses and way stronger than ANY wild dino. A yutirannus is very helpfull for buffing your team, if u can ALWAYS take a tribemate that is around your level, some dinos are way better when being ridden. I personally suggest a pack of high level deynonichuses (only on Valguero) with high health and stamina, because they can jump and cling on to the Broodmother to constantly do bleed damage at the cost of stamina, while also being able to bite it. All the dinos other people recommend are good, but make sure u have the basics : a bunch of high damage high health dinos, a creature with the ability to buff allies, and 1-2 healers, and some of your personal picks :) Good luck survivor !

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