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In Ark Mobile, you can have 126 structures on the Bronto, there's no need to build a smithy as I just use argies and set them on follow or mortar as i have Equus and casteroides. Have another platform bronto of the opposite sex on follow to get mate boost. One could be a dino carrier and be built as a tank(hp, speed, weight), the other for damage (melee, speed and hp)

Not sure what the platform saddle cap is but highest armor is 408 from many dungeon runs. Use a gold chain for an additional 50 armour, 30% more carry weight, 20% more movement speed, 10% more health, 30% faster attack speed and stamina. Have a fully imprinted bronto for another 20% bonus HP, Attack, Weight and Speed.

Always keep veggie cakes, store it in a tek trough and your bronto will be near invincible or at a minimum stronger than a titanosaur and giga which you can hunt with ease. Use turrets, arthropleura or chalicotherium on turret mode to help speed things up. If you want to level up quickly chronical it and set up a revival platform in the yeti cave, or use a teleporter to get it to level up quickly.

They're going to be the closest thing to dino supercarrier in the game.

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