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Hi guys! Today I’m gonna teach u how to tame a fat dolphin. It has a strange way to tame because it’ll have little flat baked bread around it.( A.K.A manta) with that out of the way, let’s get started!😆

First step: KILL THE MANTAS!!! THEY WILL EAT YOUR FRIEND ALIVE!!!!( just kill them) if u punch da dolphin then the mantas attack u but then u won’t hurt future friend! 🐬

Second step: bring scuba 🤿 gear. They take forever to eat. So before you feed it, u might want to enclose it in some gates.(I recommend stone is da best)

Third step: he is your friendly neighbor aquatic and will require a saddle. Other than that, he’s yours!!!

Quick note to remember: if u want this guy faster on mobile only, I recommend using smoothing or bathing balm on it which can be accessed by tribute to obelisk from a artifact.( except bathing balm, u need to pay for that with amber.)

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