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A song of compys and gigas (chap14)

As the battle rages. INV has already been taken from the volcano for his own safety and has been relocated to a bunker in the yeti cave. He sits in his office sharpening his favorite sword as his pet compy feeds on a pile of meat in the corner. Then INV hears a nock on the door. β€œCome in!” INV says. He is greated with his general. β€œYour majesty. We have revived word from the front. The northern army has crossed back into the snow with heat losses. However they are currently in the process of building defenses along the river...” INV looks up from his sword. β€œSo your saying we have been defeated?!?” INV yells. β€œUm uhhh... yes. Yes we have...” his general stutters back. INV glares at his general. β€œYou realize that your army. WAS THE ONLY THING THATS STOPING THEM FROM WALTZING UP THE VOLCANO?!?” INV yells. β€œWell... yes sir I did know that...” his general says. β€œIt’s fine.” INV says as he try’s to calm himself. We can send in reinforcements.”

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