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Thought all was lost when the alpha tribe wiped us, little did they know I had a hornless narwhal with a thirst for blood and a hunger for chaos that no other being could match. My whale learned what happened to us and let out a cry so ferocious that the whole server instantly made poop and the alphas cried and begged for forgiveness. Our whale had shown no love for the alphas for what they did to us and shot out of the water in a supersonic blast that leveled a few rafts in the area and condemned the survivors on it to an eternity in hell. The whale flew around mercilessly wrecking any and everything belonging to the alpha tribe for 3 days and on the 4th day, when the dust had settled, the alphas were gone, the whale came down and floated to us as we farmed metal on top of the volcano and said "fear the alphas no more!" We jumped with glee and asked the whale what it was going to do next. It said nothing and floated through the map ceiling. Totally worth it to tame this ocean unicorn!

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