A Lone Nagini

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A Lone Nagini

The snake slithered around, searching for its master before realizing it was abandoned. Nagini hissed, seeing an odd bush with red tips. The ground around the bush looked like a roll rat's doing, but it had an odd aura around it. Nagini slithered closer, her pupils as slits when she saw another basilisk emerge. It had a human sitting on a saddle on its back, and she pulled her head back ready to strike with her venom.

The human threw down an odd egg that looked like rock embedded with radiation, but she ate it and an odd feeling like trust came to her. She slithered in a circle around the red and white basilisk, expecting more food. The human threw down more eggs, and she ate them all. The human guided her to it's base, having gained her trust.

Part 2 on Rock Drake.


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