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Dodo tales (Ep11 S1)

Rick woke up and looked around. "Jerry is gone!" He thought. Then he began to get mad as he realized what Jerry had done. He grabbed a single shot pistol and ran out of the house, he was going to find Jerry and bring him back safely no matter what the cost. Luckily, there were footprints Jerry had left. They led to a cave and then away from it. Eventually, they brought Rick to a Swamp. "Not a Swamp!" He groaned. He debated whether or not he should go, until he finally decided. He walked through the Swamp, but soon realized he was no longer following Jerry's tracks, but someone else's. He came to a small hut and kicked the door. Nothing happened. He kicked it again, this time harder. Once again nothing happened. He kicked it as hard as he could and the weak old door flew off its hinges and fell inside the house on the floor. He saw a man helping Jerry try to stand. Without hesitation, he pointed his pistol at the man's face.....

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