White flashes burst through Dave’s Vision, and he…

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White flashes burst through Dave’s Vision, and he can’t see Marion or anything else, just white…

The ARKS: Part 1, Ark 2 (i promise to make this longer I wanted to be done with Ark 1/The Island cuz i was lazy to give myself arthritis)

A noise, undistinguishable, but a noise nonetheless. The white fades until he sees a viewing, the respawn screen, but he’s not dead. Is he? Then his sense of feel came, but was as nothing was there, like he was in space, then he was able to move. He stepped slowly and carefully, as he hadn’t moved in months. He walks slowly toward the screen. The map… it’s… different. The spawning names are surely different as well. Then Marion materializes out of nowhere, floating magically, then slowly hovers down, entering an A-Pose. His pupils retract and start blinking, then starts walking towards him.

“H-Hello?” Davey asks with a weird expression, Marion responds. “Davey? You there?” “Yeah, I’m here. We did it.”

“Let’s select… this one” “alright.”

And they land on the sandy surface with a *THUD*

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