One day, I tamed a lvl 300 (max lvl in my server) arthropleura.

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One day, I tamed a lvl 300 (max lvl in my server) arthropleura. I had so much fun time with that dude. But it ended, when I went into the Yeti cave in with my arthro (now named Crimson Stalker) It was all fine, but there was a blockage of Dino’s right there at the artifact. I attacked, hoping they would move. They only attacked once. That’s fine, but all of them attacked once as well. With all the damage I took, Crimson Stalker died. I was in despair. And with that, I stole the implant, desperate to revive it (I was on mobile) I died as well, but my server was casual so I kept the implant even after death. I tried to revive it, but I didn’t have enough amber. I was so sad. But then I realized, I was a premium. I had the monthly loot drop, which gave me 25 Amber and other items. I received that amber, and immediately revived Crimson Stalker. It was awesome! But then, it hit me like a brick. Once arthropluera are revived, they lose the ability for all creatures to de-aggro on it. It was a waste of amber to revive Crimson Stalker, but I didn’t regret it. It was a waste of my time slots too, but then again, I was just happy to see Crimson Stalker back again. I missed that dude, afterall.

The end. I hope you enjoyed my story, thanks for listening.


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