"Whats going on where am I?

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"Whats going on where am I?" Said Ella, "wait is...that, cooter?" Cooter hears the familiar meow call and flys toward Ella. "Well i'll be. Ella Marie!!! I didn't expect to see you here, or at least not yet." Ella looks as if a ghost had just flipped her off. "Cooter??? I thought you got thick'd!" "You have no idea!"chuckles cooter. "Wait, if your dead then, wait NO NO NOT NOW, DORA! NEEBS! SIM-APPSRO HELP ME."as Ella begins to hyperventilate and sob, Cooter manages to calm Ella and tell her everything is alright, and explain how he thinks this new, strange world works and how and why she is we're she is. "Ella, Ella Ella, calm down, everything is fine.Now everything is NOT FINE I'M DEAD!!!" Interrupts a sad, lost, destraught Ella, "no,no,no,no,no, look the only reason your here is because you died a warriors death or had helps the guys, you put the soul that they helped you find when you were"tamed"to good use. You helped them big sherley and me had saved them a few times, and all of us everyone here had helped the guys at one point or another. Then we end up here, ARK heaven. Explained a wizened cooter "but, then can we see them, like watch over them?" "Only at an ark night can we spread our wings and take flight to gift might apoun the guys!" Boomed a loud feminine voice from the sky."All hail the goddess Adahop!" Chanted everyone except Ella. Cooter what was that? That Ella was the goddess that allows our souls to visit the guys as you probably could have guessed. "So I can see Dora again?!?" Asked a relived Ella, "Believe it or not you can go see him right now if you'd like. Really??? Asked an excited Ella. "Yes go to him, he needs you as much as you need him right now. Just over the edge right there." Ella immediately dashes for the edge gliding down as gracefully as a Pegasus landing to earth. But as she goes down and out of earshot Big Shirley steps behind cooter and asks him vaguely," did you tell her?" A dissapointed cooter says no, I will take care of a problem when it becomes a problem, before that I'll deal with actual issues.

Part two????? By nonyourbuisness

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