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I had a Argy names big bird I painted it yellow and we…

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I had a Argy names big bird I painted it yellow and we flew everywhere as my base got more and more bigger it started attracting enemyโ€™s big bird fended them off over night while I was asleep I found big bird a ms big bird and I painted them both yellow as the days go on big bird and ms big bird had a baby bird I put the egg near the ac as I do that big bird starts a fight with a stegosaurus and almost loses so not thinking I set big bird and ms big bird to peaceful I log off for the night and wake up to shooting I run outside and see big bird on the floor and ms big bird standing over his body there was a sniper on the kill he takes out ms big bird and there they lie dead by eachother the guy ran away on a red terror bird I get upset and make them grave stones then I remember baby bird he hatched and was hiding behind my wall I let him grow and he lived a long life pray for my baby bird as he grows with no parents now

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