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I keep seeing people saying you need a bunch of stuff, but here’s how I did it as a level 56 single player in only hide armor.

Get a flying mount and find an argy (theyre in the snow and tall mountains) , then get close to one (just out of the Agro zone). If you get too close and it chases you, don’t worry, it won’t chase too far! Now that you’re near it, smack it. Just with anything you have. Charge it and smack it. Now that it’s angry shoot it while moving backwards… it doesn’t do much damage as long as it’s below level 40 (on mobile)… that’s basically it! It’ll tame with raw meat (the ratio of food per level is around 1:2) it’ll only take 10-15 tranq arrows, and you only need one narcotic! That’s all!

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