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Looking to tame one of the best flyers in all of ARK? Well, take some time to look through this tip/ guide! Before we start, let's get ready for the process

DIFFICULTY: 3/10 (Easy)


-Taming Weapons + Ammo (Bows/ Crossbows (Tranq Arrows), Longneck (Tranq Darts/ Shocking Tranq Darts) )

NOTE: You may use slingshots (Rock) if you are lacking taming weapons and ammo.

-Biotoxin/ Narcotics

-Hide Sleeping Bag (For fast taming option on Mobile)

Now you're all ready for taming! Let's go!

For taming an Argentavis, there are a few methods:

METHOD 1: Trapping

As usual, we can trap Argentavises. However, the trap used for the Argentavis is different from traps i have used in past guides. Anyways, here's what you will need!


-2-5 Stone Dino Gateways

-2 Dino Gates

Place the Gateways in a straight line. Place 1 gate at the end of the row, and lure your Argentavis into the trap, running out from the gaps left between the gateways. Quickly close off the other side of the trap with your second dino gate. Now that you have trapped the Argentavis, shoot it down and feed it Raw Meat or Prime Meat (Just like the Rex guide I made, you can also go out to hunt for Prime Meat while the Argentavis is taming, but make sure you don't leave it for too long and have it wake up! Feed it your Biotoxin/ Narcotics if you feel that the Argentavis might wake up soon. Wait a little while and tadaa!!! You now own an Argentavis!

METHOD 2: The Cheaper Way

This method is cheap and recommended for lower level players. I also recommend that you do this on Far's Peak (I play on Mobile, but you my try to adapt this to the version you are playing!). Do note that you still need a flyer (I (I recommend the Pteranodon) for this method. Also, there is an exclusive extra optional step for Mobile players like myself! Now let's get you that Argentavis of yours!

Now, get the Argentavis to aggro on you by flying past its face with your mount (Other nearby Argentavises may also aggro on you, so try to get them to de-aggro or kill then while you lure the only one you want!). Lure it up Far's Peak into the crater in the middle (The area with lots of metal and obsidian rocks). Make sure to not stray too far from the Argie or it will de-aggro and fly away. After you have lured it into the crater, fly away on your mount and get it to de-aggro. If you did it right, it should be stuck in the crater. Now, shoot it down. (From my personal experiences, the Argie is unable to fly out of the crater) Feed it some Raw Meat or Prime Meat (You can also hunt for Prime Meat while the Argie is taming). Now, time for the bonus Mobile option!


Once the Argentavis de-aggros on you, place down a sleeping bag and sleep. The Argentavis will starve and eat your taming food without any cooldowns, allowing for a quick and easy tame.

Now, congratulate yourself for taming the Argie and enjoy!

Here, I will talk about some features of the Argie (If you're interested).


Argies are one of the most versatile flyers in ARK. They have decent health, melee, speed and stamina and is one of the most necessary tames along the Rex. The Argie also has lots of bonuses and abilities:


-50% weight reduction on Ores (Metal, Obsidian, Crystal etc.)


-Able to pick up small to medium sized dinos (Eg. Raptors, Dodo)

-Able to rapidly regenerate health while feeding on a dead corpse

To sum it up, Argentavises are one of the most necessary and best mounts on ARK, and is definitely a must tame for any players. Good luck on your journey, and happy taming!


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