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Heya guys! I’ll share some of my tips to tame argys, if you want you can knock out a low level with a slingshot but i recommend waiting until you unlock the tranq arrows and stone dinosaur gates.

How to trap them!

You can do this with a pteranodon or on foot! So you’ll need 4 stone dinosaur gateways and 2 stone dinosaur gates, put the stone gates like this! The | represents the gates. “ | | | |” BUT!! Key thing! Make sure that the argy cannot fit through but you or your tame can. Then, Lure an argy over to your trap and open the door, then go throu the sides or the top! (Top if your using a pteranodon).Then go to the door you let the argy in through and close it! Boom! You trapped the argy :D. It may take a few trys, but its ok!

Knock out and tame!

If you want to use tranq arrows make sure to have an 5 second timer before firing the next shot! Its too make sure you dont kill the argy and if you have a spy glass its better so you can check on the torpor just in case you accidentally hit it when its knocked out! Their preferred food is stegosaurus kibble, i will put the recipe here! Required engrams: Cooking pot, water skin. Recipe: Stegosaurus egg, citronal (you can get it by planting the seed) Prime meat jerky (put cooked prime meat into a preserving bin with oil) 2 mejoberrys, 3 fiber and 1 waterskin. If you are using the kibble, you can use a minor balm! But if you are using raw meat or prime meat, you should use an soothing balm! I reccomend doing the lava cave since you dont need a tame and can just speedrun it, take off all your gear and go in the cave, take all rights and if you are on casual you can just grab the artifact then die and spawn near the obelisk! I reccomend putting down a bed at the obelisk. The lava cave also gives you good rifles, crossbows and pistols! So now, put a sleeping bag down and sleep, this will starve the creature so the taming process is shorter! Then knock out the argy, and put your soothing balm in, and the food of choice and wala! You will soon have an argy. Make sure to protect the argy and kill any predators nearby that can hurt it!

Uses and utility!

The argentavis is very useful, having good speed, good weight and good hp and damage. Its a great mid game tame as its saddle unlocks at level 62. Its one of the best metal gatherers as you can level weight and carry an ankylo to harvest metal. I once had an argy, his name was mocha and he was really good! 10k hp, 1.2k weight, 1k melee damage, we killed gigas, alpha rexes and titans together! The argentavis is a very good flyer, only beaten by the queztal by weight and pteranodon by speed but they are still very balanced in term of stats and are great pvp units. Apologies for this being so long, i hope you all the best of luck taming!

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