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Pretty easy but a little hard way on how to get an argy:

1. Get 12 stone doorframes, two stone foundations, two stone ceilings, tranqs, bio toxin or narcos, and taming weapon (preferably crossbow or long neck)

2. Place down two stone foundations (1x2) and place stone doorframes (two high) but leave one short side open, place two roofs to block top, and a ramp that leads into it if it makes it easier for you

3. Find the argy of choice and get its attention, run up the ramp (or jump into it) and make sure the argy follows into it, run to the back and place the last two stone doorframes and it should stay

4. Shoot it up through the holes, once its knocked, feed it its preferred food (kibble, prime meat, regular meat, etc) or starve it (dododex has starve timer and narcos needed)

5. Enjoy the argy

- Ark player who was once new

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