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How to tame an argentavis:

A lot of people like to build traps for this, but I just don’t get why


A high level pt or another good health Dino if u have cryopods.

A bow or crossbow. Doing the hunt dilo mission will give u a good bow and I use it instead of crossbow.

40 tranqs is enough for crossbow


1. Find a high level argy

2. Feed it until full health with corpses

3. Use your tanky Dino to tank while you shoot the argy. If the argy’s about to die lead it to a corpse and it regens insanely fast.

4. Leave prime in its inventory. U do not need narcs but if u tame on normal meat then bring some narcs.


Super useful weight reductions on I think metal crystal and other late game high tech stuff.

Carries medium-sized animals such as doedic anky and beaver so u can farm with them.

Has high damage and great stamina.

Looks very cool basically collect on the island.

Enjoy your argy!

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