I’m a new player to ark right so I have a lot of…

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I’m a new player to ark right so I have a lot of dinosaurs and I’m looking for a carbyons to tame and I find an argie so I go to look to tame it and it turns around and hits me I run to my base and I hit it with arrow most of my pets go after it I get more arrows thinking my pets can handle this for bit.. THEY DIE ONE BY ONE EVEN MG FIRST EVER TAME MH GOOD OLD DODO PERRY :( then my phiomia comes in and revenges them all he hits it like crazy it does and he has liek so much health left mind u he’s like level 70 and the agrie surprising was powerful for being a level 5 # r.I.p perry,boi,buddy,Tammy,no name and my only friend Brian the moschops 😭

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