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Its not really a tip but I need help,I was taming a 145…

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Its not really a tip but I need help,I was taming a 145 level argy (150 wild max) and I used stegosaurus kibble it was at 60 % taming then I stated dying from the freezing (it turned night) I want back to base got the warm cloths and then came back it disappeared, there was no item catch that disappears after 5 minutes after a death,no predators (it was at the very top of a mountain and just below was rocks and crystal I accidentally fell from there to the rocks and didn't die) no nothing just disappeared i trapped it with a 5 dino gate and I checked again with another argy and it cannot escape,I check my tames and it does not appear there,I really need help!,I was wondering if the game glitched or just what happened

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