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If you go to the beach opposite carno island (the island in the top right of the map) there will be a lot there. They’re an easy tame (in my opinion) but getting them home with the Dino you used to get there is a pain, especially if you need to stop for stamina. I got like 5 tamed argents killed just from getting home. But today I actually got home with an argent after travelling halfway, stopping for stamina, getting killed by a snake, and then travelling half across the map on yet ANOTHER one of my dinos to go and save my argent and the pteranodon I used to tame it. After that I got back and I was A OK. When taming make sure you bring double the tranqs dododex says cuz when they are too far away you won’t be able to hit them so I’d also recommend bringing a tribe who could aggro the argent and fly back to you, meanwhile you can get tons of headshots and knock it out

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