Once I was an archaeopteryx on the ground.

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Once I was an archaeopteryx on the ground. So, it ran into a rock so I could bola it. I K.O.d it with my fists. Once I tamed with by feeding it chitin, I took his implant and went to my base with Archie (the archaeopteryx) and fluffy (my otter). Then, when I went to test archie’s gliding ability, I accidentally dismounted it. Archie fell into the swamp. I called him and it said β€œ1 creatures heard your whistle.” I called again and it said β€œno one heard your whistle.” I went back to base to see his implant glowing. I knew that meant Archie was dead.

1 like = 1 R.I.P. for Archie, my brand new (and dead) archaeopteryx.

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