Fun fact, Arks anglers are only half correct, you see only the females are big and powerful, the males are tiny and puny and all they do is attach to the female and then get absorbed by her, she steals his privates and then uses it to reproduce. She can do this as many times as she wants, with multiple males fused to her sides as she so pleases. This may sound disturbing, but there's a reason for this, angler live in the deep sea where it's dark and death can loom around the corner, and food can be quite scarce an elusive, so by having the males fuse to a female shortly after birth, allows them to co exist without competing with each other. This is also seen in spiders, but the spiders are less extreme, with the males just being smaller and eating something else, or hunting on the ground in opposition to the female on the web. Of course just like how the titaboa doesn't constrict its prey in ark, things like this are hard to program and difficult to balance. This would no doubt make angler breeding in ark absolutely OP, with allowing the female to select between differnt males to breed with on the same creature.

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