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How to make weird dino Ritual.

You will need: An icthy, an Argy, Lots of tames, a storage box, 6 Standing torches and AnglerGel. Step 1: Kill Anglers with your Icthy and get 100 AnglerGel. Step 2: Fly on to a high, high rock with a large space to move around on. Step 3: Place your torches In a medium sized circle, and place the storage box in the middle. Step 4: Place 6 AnglerGel in each torch. Use the extra for your own uses. Step 5: Carry your creatures up with your Argy, If: you can carry the creatures, and they don't encumber your Argy. If you have other Flyers that have saddles, fly them up. Step 6: Place all your creatures in a circle around the torches. Ride them in to place, or punch them into place. Step 7: Place your creatures' implants in the storage box. Step 8: Light the torches. They will glow blue. If your creatures don't glow in the light, ride or punch them into place. Step 9 (Optional): Stand on the box, drink narcotic, use the emote option and use salute. Keep saluting Β΄till you pass out. Step 10: If you started in the daytime, once it's night start step 11. If you started at night, once it's daytime, start step 11. Step 11: Give all your creatures' implants back to your creatures. Put out the torches. Fly your creatures into their original spots. For flyers, hop on your Argy, whistle follow for the flyers, whistle stop, and walk them into place with their saddles. Please ^ if your did this ritual!

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