Extinctions overseer s1 ep4.

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Extinctions overseer s1 ep4. George went out and ran as fast a he could then out of nowhere meteors started falling and corrupted creatures where every where a corrupted rex started chasing him the was a small ravine in the ground he barely mad the jump the he say the element he started to harvest it then a pack of corrupted raptors surrounded him one pounced on him and was about to kill him but then guns started shooting the raptors where killed off one by one George almost passed out from what was happening then someone from the tribe that saved him said “what’s someone like doing out here all alone” “someone told me to collect some stuff called element out here” George said “and who is this someone” “ I don’t know he wears a black cloak and didn’t show his face” “wanna join our tribe we can always use more tribe mates” George had a sigh of relief “ ok I’ll join” “great” said one of the tribe mates.

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