Moon, Oooh, a new story has been revealed!

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Moon, Oooh, a new story has been revealed!!!! And I was kind of wondering if that was the case too while reading chapter 98. I can’t wait to see these other stories and I can’t wait for the next chapter of The Obelisk to come out!!!

Woah Sunnyfox, so Nora’s their Grandaunt or Great Grandaunt or possibly more Greats in the family title. And as Ben said, we got so much lore from this prologue!! And the title of this story seems to hint that we are going to see the kingdom of the Dark Phoenix perspective of the events that happened in the previous stories. And wait… when you say he hunted down the last living HEIR besides himself. Does that mean he killed his sister and was hunting his brother!!! I can’t wait to the see what happens in this next story!!!

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