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When the game has lasted 20 years

The snail will be tamed…

When the land is soaked in slime and paste

The snail mail will be tamed…

Find the Mosa of deepest blue

Wings of quetzal will come to you

Largest egg in mountain high

Will give you the power of the rex

For tame of earth search through the mud

The egg of the Baryonyx

And hidden alone from the rival queens

The Giga egg awaits unseen

As for the tribes of blazes and blisters and burns

2 shall fail and one shall learn

If they feed cake to the snail that is smaller and cuter

They will have the power of paste pooping snails…

5 eggs to hatch on brightening night

5 tamed born to go and fight

Darkness will rise to bring the paste

The snail is coming…

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