So, I am kinda new to ark.

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So, I am kinda new to ark. But I started reading all the fanfic from the dodo tales guys, and the person who writes the one about reaper and... Yeh the other guy, oof, but anyways, I love the story line so far, and it inspired me to write my own, I have a tiny bit of my own writing practice, but idk, here goes!

Reign of Fire: Ep1, By SpiritBird8960

A crash

A flutter

A struggle

A Shreik

Where one life ends, another has just begun.


The World was ending.

As ash fell from the sky, screams rang out in a sarrowful cry all around, as the earth faced vengance for the crimes of man and the victims received salvation. Then flame washed all around, burning all, and tearing through the earth in a rightous rage, then all was quite, the stars met and a sweet silence rang clear, broken only by blessed voices, whispering soothing words to the earth, as it was rebuilt, and grown anew. This time, it would have a chance.



Elen gasped in astounded wonder, as she opened her eyes, not to a crippling world of pain and war, but a beautiful night sky, of stars, a pure air, of life, and a green, of shining glory. She glanced around her, not a soul in sight, but somehow, this was conforting. Something faintly tingled, and with sudden realization she glanced down to see a weird implant of a strange technology lodged into her arm. Weird.

A voice of happiness rang clear through the air from all around. "Welcome, to the ark."

/And so it begins! Look for the next one in the allosaur section! - SpiritBird8960/

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