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Early game, get a fast flier, have an easy escape route for when you grab an egg. When you go to grab an egg, pause for a second while still mounted to see if a dragon has already agro’d to you. If nothing happens after a few seconds, you are clear.

Check the level, grab the egg and get out of there as fast as you can. Don’t stop, don’t look back. Dragons will follow you clear out of the biome once you grab an egg. Assume the worst.

Get either air conditioners and cover the floor with them, put the egg on top, or standing torches, about 100 standing torches. (If using torches, put them so close they nearly make a wall blocking view of the egg).

Once hatched, the hatchling only eats Wyvern milk until it’s an adult. But, they have thousands of food points that drain super slowly. Each egg hatches with at LEAST an hour’s worth of food value.

Find a public trap, then lure a female to it. Trank her out. 5 milk are inside her inventory. Use a preserving bin to store it.

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