What you need to do in order to tame the Wyvern is you first need a good bird to fly to the nest and pick up their eggs. (An Argintavis with 200% movement speed can outrun them) Once your back at your base, it needs to have a very hot temepature in order to incubate. (Easy tip: surround the egg in standing torches) While it's incubating you need to get milk. So what you can do to obtain the milk is knock out a female wyvern. Just simply have someone hold you while your shooting wyvern with tranqs. (Don't go for electric, or fire wyverns. Poison wyvern is your best bet) after its knocked out. Collect it's milk and head back to your egg. Put milk in a preserving bin with plenty of preserving salt so your milk don't expire. Put in 1 milk at a time. And watch over your wyvern, make sure you give it care when it needs it to give it an inscription bonus!

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