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Tame low level 20 and lower 24 is pref. Due to health and stamina that is base for that level of argies fly above your team killing deathworms with rexs and rockgolems etc. And boost nothing but movement speed till 200%. 200% movement speed will outrun any dragon(not tamed ones) either have a player shoot tranqs on a low level female wyveron or use a trap. The reason you tame low levels is because the more you have the more of chances you have of completing milk runs and not having your baby dragons dieing from no milk. Ensure you have at least 75 tranqs at all times for milk runs and a full crossbow or 2 or 3 bows. For more information or tips hop on EU Xbox server 860 scortched earth and ask for the hunters we will teach you And show you how to do it and how to protect your baby dragons as well.

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