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Since taming is unavailable you have to raise a baby. Once stealing an egg from the trench it's your job too hatch it! I recommend building a base in the dunes, due to the fact that generators take damage building a turbine in the dunes has a 100% wind which is good!! The rest is up to you to make some AC units I would recommend 10 and some fridges incase you want to do any other egg hatches. Baby Wyvs only take milk so concentrate on have self handy and ready to go when you go on a milk run, which consist of KOing a female am looting its milk! ^.^ it only last an hour without salt but once u get back to base it can also be placed in a preserving bin, and why not add to it put some salt in there too the max amount of time you with have till soil is roughly 2 hours and 30 mins.

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