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Lengthy read, but this will dramatically help out all survivors just starting out with the ultimate goal getting a wyvern. This will make your experience much easier in many ways...

1) Locate a decent leveled Ptera, bola it for easy taming, and pump all points into stamina. (this is strictly to help mobility across the maps)

2) Upload ptera (and don't forget to take the saddle off), travel to Crystal Isles, find a drop or Ob, and download your ptera again, and travel to the desert. There's a "griffin scar" that's hard to miss.

3) Build a griffin trap made of 5-6 stone dino gates with doors on both sides and open the one closest to the griffin trench. Find a good level, get it's attention, and kite it into the trap. This is honestly the hardest step as they can hit like a truck early game and their turn radius is quite wide. Once trapped and knocked out, find an ovis south or southeast of the trench and wait for the starve timer to drop down. Slaughter the ovis and tame the griffin. Congratulations, your ptera is now obsolete. Practice dive bombing and level up stamina to at least 1500.

4) I suggest Ragnarok to start egg diving. Initially, dive into the wyvern trench with the sole purpose of gaining aggro from as many wyverns in one swoop as you can then fly up to the ceiling with wyverns in pursuit. As the wyverns finally catch up with you, dive past them back to the ground. If done fast enough, the aggroed wyverns will de-render and disappear, leaving the nests you dived past unguarded. Grab an egg, and repeat until you find one you want. Eat eggs you don't want. Don't ignore them or drop them. That's like leaving wood in beaver dams. Don't be that guy please.

5) Use standing torches or A/C units to incubate and hatch.

6) To get milk for feeding and imprints, you need to find a female wyvern. Ideally a fire cause their range sucks with their breath attack. The lower level the better. Make a trap to kite them in using a stone behemoth gates in the exact same style as your griffin trap. Knock them out with a longneck with tranq darts or crossbow with tranq arrows. Once they are knocked out grab the milk in their inventory and get back to your baby as soon as possible. Preserving salts in your inventory will double the short spoil timer but you still need to hurry just in case. Store excess milk and preserving salts in a preserving bin. Practice this process as it's always better to have more milk than not enough.

7) Raise to maturity. You can use cryo pods to avoid leaving them unattended when you're not around. Pro tip: If you cryo your baby when it wants milk and you don't have any, release them again and their desired imprint may change.

Lengthy as I said, but follow this to the letter and you'll be get baby wyverns potentially within a day or two. Happy hunting survivors.


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