Me and my tribe made a pretty good strategy. Get two high level argies, and put one's points all into speed (and make sure it's over 200%) and put the other's to 200% and the rest on health. Starting at the northnmost or southernmost point, send in the fast argie to locate an egg. Then fly out and land on a nearby mountain. Tell your tribemate(s) where the egg is and send in the high health argie, and possibly others to lead away most of the nearby wyverns into the desert or preferably the mountains, where they get stuck and loose you easily. The fly in on the fast argie, hop off, grab the egg, get back on and run like there's no tomorrow into the mountains. Have your tribemates come in to kill of help loose the wyverns. A few other tips: Bring a jerboa. It there's a sandstorm or heat wave while you're getting chased by hundreds of wyverns, good luck! Also, only bring things that you're willing to loose. Make sure to have a nearby base with beds for when you die, because you WILL die!

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