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EZ eggs on ragnarok,

The main wyvern trench is to the north east of the map however there is a much less known location towards the south west to the left of the desert biome

The things you will need are,

A flier (lymantria,pteranodon , expendable flier in general)

An icthy (will explain further on)

A Lazarus chowder

A sleeping bag

Food so you don’t knockout

Water so you don’t knockout

Cryopod (optional)

The key advantage of this cave is that there is water all through the bottom of the wyvern cave, wyvern can’t swim and do not attack you when below the waters surface. However the eggs themselves are elevated and cannot be grabbed from the water. This just means the water is our escape route.

Start by placing a sleeping bag on a shore near the wyvern cave, however not too close that the wyverns may come near it, leave your flyer here and all your stuff we will use it later, then take your icthy and swim in to the wyvern cave, leave it comfortably under the water surface and hop off it, then drown and respawn at the sleeping bag

Then take your stuff out your flyer, have your cryopod and Lazarus chowder in your hot bar and prepare to fly in. The hard part about this cave is not getting in but getting out as the entrance is a small choke point which is murder (unless you swim) the hardest part about this method is about to come up but it’s still much easier than the normal method, fly into the cave and evade agro.

If you do get agro’d then your flyer will not survive as there will no time to cryopod it before you escape

Once your in and you’ve evaded agro cryopod your flier THEN TAKE THE EGG not take the egg and cryopod as you will have no more time to cryopod before the wyverns arrive

Once your flyer is in the cryopod, eat the Lazarus chowder, grab the egg and jump in and swim to your icthy, normally the wyverns would destroy you however they can’t attack you when below the waters surface. Get on the icthy and swim out the cave

Now the only time the wyverns can attack you is when you resurface for oxygen however we beat this by using the Lazarus chowder or even an oxygen tank and scuba mask if your willing to risk the resources. Once you’ve got your Lazarus chowder applied and your on your icthy things are smooth sailing from here, just swim out and don’t resurface, until out of range of the wyverns, this method is so good sometimes I don’t get any wyverns following me at all.

Alternatively instead of a flyer you could use a crossbow and grappling hook, just swim in on the icthy and grapple up to the nest grab the egg and jump back down again

Enjoy your new wyvern, repeat this if it’s a bad level

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