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Just a little thingy to help you decide what wyvern you want!

Fire: OG, pretty even, has a bit more attack tho

Lightning: BEST wyvern if you know what your doing, the breath lasts long and it hits hard but it’s complicated to aim

Poison: My personal fav, completely even stats so it’s good for pvp, it can take some hits and deal some damage

Tropical: Hydrated buff, I would use these whenever on taming runs, pretty well rounded

Blood: super OP, has life steal, just make sure you do a hit and run since the stam will run out

Ember: Just like a fire but has a rage meter so it makes it have an attack buff once full and gives em cool blue flames

Ice: best transport wyvern, just buff stam and weight, it doesn’t really deal damage but it’s a tank pretty much

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