So I have raised over 50 Wyverns and what I learned can help you. I play on rangnerok primitive plus so this probably will help. When getting a egg try to get a high level such as a 110 and above. This way it has much better stats from a lower level and wonโ€™t need milk constantly. Your going to want either a pt or a griffin with at least 1000 stamina. This way you have enough to go in the scar, grab the egg, and get out. Once you have a Wyvern egg it is time to hatch it. For this it is best to use stone fire places. 5-8 should do the trick. Once you have enough fire places you want to place them in a U shape. This way the egg will get enough heat to start incubating. Once the timer is done you will have a nice beautiful Wyvern! But the hard part is still coming. Once it is hatched you want to focus on the food for the next days to come. Now here is the hard part. It is now time to get the milk. You should have a trap set up so all you do is lead it in and knock it out!

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