I encountered this goliath right near my base, i was exploring the sea with a newly tamed megalodon. I came over a large rock and there i saw it. Coming out, i was in shock and awe but then i was soon in fear for both my meg and myself. I raced back up to the surface with this thing right on my tail, I didn’t even bother to look back in fear that it would scoop me right up. Finally in the nick of time and stamina i made it into the shallows and i looked back to see the beast waving its tentacles begore disappearing into the sea. I knew i could not let such a monstrosity best me near my base so i went back and grabbed my rifles and crossbows and set out to lure it back into the shallows, i then unloaded magazine after magazine onto it, and then suddenly it sprayed its ink and i knew that the predator had become the prey. With my meg i hunted this beast down as it attempted to flee but it managed to beach itself and thus the demon had met its end.a word of advice DONT GO TOO DEEP

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